Range Rover HSE

The Range Rover is a fine luxury SUV. The Range Rover welcomes you with its library-quiet interior, top-notch cabin materials, and generous seating space for five occupants. This SUV feels fairly stable around turns, and it glides comfortably over rough road surfaces, yet it still provides great off-road capability when the going gets tough. The Range Rover’s muscular engine lineup enables quick acceleration and stout towing ability as well.

  • Mon. – Wed. | $400.00 plus tax
  • Thurs. – Sun. | $500.00 plus tax
  • Weekly | $2800.00 plus tax

*If you would like to book for a period that transcends Mon-Wed into Thur-Sun your rate may be subject to variable rates and additional charges upon pickup.


  • 5 Passengers
  • V6, 3.0L
  • 380hp @ 6500 rpm
  • 8-speed shiftable automatic

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