BMW 328 XI

The BMW 328i is known to be one of North America’s favorite luxury sports sedans over the last quarter of a century. Replacing the 325i, from the beginning the 328i brought more refinement and more horsepower, all in the same high-performance, high-end package synonymous with German car manufacturer BMW. Driving behind the steering wheel of the BMW 328i is an experience in itself.

  • Mon. – Wed. |  $100.00 plus tax
  • Thurs. – Sun. | $150.00 plus tax

$250.00 Security required during your rental period, in case of damages.

The deposit and security is returned to you upon return of the vehicle.

*If you would like to book for a period that transcends Mon-Wed into Thur-Sun your rate may be subject to variable rates and additional charges upon pickup.


  • 5 Passengers
  • V4 2.0L
  • 240 HP @ 5,000 rpm
  • Automatic

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