Audi R8 coupe is an exotic car without the fuss. Audi R8 have the interior comfort and appointments of a luxury coupe, along with an impressive list of features, yet they’re nearly as quick as the Lamborghini Gallardo models with which they’re closely related. They’re also distinctive and unmistakable in their own right. An advanced all-wheel drive system maximizes handling and performance in all conditions. Considering the Lamborghini heritage and all the practical positives, the Audi looks like quite the deal.

  • Daily | $1,000.00
  • Security | $3,000.00

Security required during your rental period, in case of damages.

Security is returned to you upon return of the vehicle.

*If you would like to book for a period that transcends Mon-Wed into Thur-Sun your rate may be subject to variable rates and additional charges upon pickup.


  • 2 Passengers
  • 5.2L V10
  • 602 hp @ 8100 rpm
  • 7-speed Auto-Shift Manual w/OD

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